About me


My story

My enjoyment of photography has been life-long but it was not always my career.

My first career was in finance; spanning 17 years and two continents, it included 10 years working for the world’s largest and most respected asset manager, first in London and then in New York.  

As a manager for over a decade, hiring for my own staffing needs as well as corporate-level graduate schemes, I read hundreds of CVs and interviewed dozens of candidates.  During this time I witnessed first-hand how important photography on social media and company websites quickly became, both in the hiring process and in business more generally, and saw how people and companies were struggling to catch up. 

Even the younger generations who have grown up with social media appear not to realise how quickly a poor headshot on LinkedIn or Facebook can significantly reduce the chances of making it to interview and how long the great first impression from a professional headshot can last.

The only people who really seem understand just how important this is are the managers using these new tools to filter candidates.

I started to take headshots for friends and colleagues, then was invited to start taking corporate headshots in work on work time.  At the same time my photography of my daughter Frankie started to gain quite a bit of attention on social media and before I knew it I had a lot of requests from other parents to photograph their children.

I made the decision to leave the finance industry to spend more time with my family and photography was the obvious choice as we could move anywhere to set up the business.  I grew up near Canterbury and always wanted to live here one day so our choice was an easy one.  I run Ralph Hope Photography and it's sister company Frankie & Friends with my wife Sabina who acts as studio manager.

When not working I love to walk (as much and as often as I can), to eat (also as much and as often as I can) and spend time with my family.  I love the great outdoors, especially mountains and the sea, which i grew up by.