CV tips

I have had the 'opportunity' to read hundreds of CVs over the course of my career. While I might love interviewing, I'm not quite so keen on reading CVs.  Reading a huge stack of CVs is not a lot of fun, it's just the broken glass you have to crawl over in order to hire good people.   

Much of the advice here should be common sense but over and over again I see CVs that could really use some help. Quite honestly, half the battle is making the experience of reading your CV as painless as possible;  people run out of patience very quickly with anything even slightly irritating in a CV when they've already read 20 and have another 30 to go.

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Interview Tips

I have had the pleasure of interviewing dozens of people over the course of my career.  That's not a sarcastic statement; I genuinely enjoy interviewing people as I love meeting new people, which is part of the reason I enjoy headshot photography.  I have seen people do and say many silly things over the years.  Hopefully I can help you avoid some of them with these tips and pointers.

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