CV Reviews

There is a lot of information and advice on the internet about how to write a CV.  Knowing what advice to follow can be difficult. A lot of it is pretty good, but some of it gives me the distinct impression that it has been written by people who have never had to sit and sift through a stack of 50 CVs.

I can review your CV from the point of view of someone who has read many hundreds of them.  I know what is a huge turn-off and what genuinely helps.  Quite honestly, half the battle is making the experience of reading your CV as painless as possible.  People run out of patience very quickly with anything even slightly irritating in a CV when they've already read 20 and have another 30 to go.

According to, employers spend on average just 8 seconds looking at any one CV.  That seems pretty low to me, but I suspect that no CV actually gets read for 8 seconds; they either get a proper reading or they go straight in the bin.  Certainly if a CV is hard to read I will put it straight in the bin and spend less than 2 seconds on it so that probably brings my average down by quite a bit.  The message here is not that you need to impress someone in 8 seconds - it's that you need to avoid annoying them enough in the first 2 seconds that they bin you CV rather than read it.

You can get a detailed tips for making your CV painless to read on my blog, and I would strongly suggest this is as a good place to start.