LinkedIn Profile reviews

Your LinkedIn Profile needs to do two things: 

  • It needs to score highly with the LinkedIn search engine so that it appears near the top of search results and;
  • It needs to appeal to the people who read it, communicating to them that you are someone that can solve their problems

Optimising LinkedIn profiles can be confusing and time consuming but you can save yourself the effort by working with me to review and rewrite your profile over a coffee as part of your headshot session.

I always recommend that people have their LinkedIn profile fully complete (all sections filled in). While the details of which secondary school you attended may be of no real interest to anyone and seem pointless, LinkedIn will rank complete profiles higher than partially complete ones, so it really is worth filling in every section.  You should attempt to get yourself to their 'all star' rating.  

If you are reasonably familiar with LinkedIn then having your profile 'complete' is fairly straight forward and I would suggest doing this yourself at home before your session with me we can focus on content and search optimisation together which is where I can really add value.  

If however LinkedIn is a complete mystery to you and you really do not know where to start, I am very happy to work with your from the very beginning - including creating your LinkedIn account; I have done this for clients who were not familiar with LinkedIn and I know it was a huge comfort to them have someone who could help and guide them through the process.