What is Family Photojournalism?

When I look back at the photographs from my childhood I love seeing at the portraits of myself (all shot at school by the look of them), but I also love the photos of me and my parents in their house with all the 70's furniture and 80's haircuts and clothes.  

I wish there were a lot more of these - my parents took photos quite rarely it seems - at least by today's standards.  Even more than that though, I wish they included a bit more of our everyday life - I'd love to see what we were eating back then, or what my bath and bedtime looked like.  I'd love to see what a shopping trip looked like back the early 80's, or just how I spent my time when I was 3.

It's the little things that hold a family together - the hug after a scraped knee, cooking together, eating together, the fights and the making up.  They happen so often we hardly notice them and they are quickly forgotten.

We never record these little moments and we go through a lot of them on autopilot thinking about something more interesting, but it is the little moments that really make up the story of our lives, and shape our families.

What is family photojournalism?  The basic idea is that I spend a whole day with you, from when you wake up in the morning until after the kids bedtime to produce an album that shows a day in the life of your family - all those little moments; all the tears and laughter.